Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hello wonderful people,

I'm going to make a quick post tonight, as I've been taking advantage or spring break and going to bed much later than necessary. If you read my Heat and Hair Debate post, you may remember that I got my hair cut at the end of December and decided to try to avoid heat. Well, it is now May 15, 2011, [CORRECTION: It was definitely March 15], and I have not used heat on my hair since December 29th of last year. Perhaps you're thinking, Okay, Esther, that's fabulous; and you're blogging about this today, because? And I understand your curiosity completely. You see, I just got my hair trimmed and thinned again today. It still retains its length, because this is the first hairstylist I've gone to that understand that my curly hair looks better long. She's also the first stylist I haven't gone to in complete terror of ending up with some semblance of an afro. Essentially I'm writing this post to tell you that I succeeded in using absolutely no heat between haircuts. And you know what? My stylist said my ends looked good and she just needed to clean up the layers and get rid of some bulk. So no heat really does do great things for the ends of your hair. Throughout this journey I've learned the benefits of braiding my hair after washing it to give it some sort of style, or braiding it dry overnight to wake up with straighter hair. Yes, braiding my dry hair makes it look straight because it's very thick. I've also dealt with bad hair days by simply pulling my hair into an easy bun. I'm sure there are more creative things I could be doing with my hair, but I am thus far satisfied.

Are any of you going heat free?

To happy, healthy hair and hairstylists that don't bring absolute fear to their clients!


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