Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hello dears,

As all of you know, today is the last day of 2010. And I'm not making any New Year's Resolutions. Let me explain: Every year, on December 31st, people nationwide scramble to write out or mentally record resolutions for the new year. Most people want to lose weight, or try something new, or be better people in general. I think these are great resolutions to have, but why make them once a year?

I think we should set life goals that we strive to live up to instead of just a new set of goals each year that just peter out after a few months. I think resolutions are great guidelines, but they often seem imposing, like a giant boulder that we must climb each day for the rest of the year. Why not think about how you can change every single day? Think about what you're putting into your body, how you're treating yourself, how kind you're being to others. That's my goal.

No one wants to be intimidated by her own goals, so why not take it a step at a time? Make a promise to yourself to be a better person, but understand that everyone has flaws. Work as hard as you can to stay in shape, but don't torture yourself about it. Those are things I want to carry with me throughout life, not just in 2011.

So let 2011 be a fresh start, but don't forget that each year is a continuation of the last. There's always room to improve, and hopefully we can enjoy each step of the way together.

As for me, I'm going to try to post here as regularly as possible. This blog is a journey for me, and I hope you'll share it with me. My next few posts will probably be about the best beauty finds of 2010, my favorite skincare staples, and the start of a self-esteem series.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve, a Happy New Year, and a fabulous continuation of what's already a blessed life!


Hello Internet!

Welcome Potential Blog Readers! 

I've finally caved in to my desire and decided to start a blog. I've been reading blogs such as Liparazzi, A Model RecommendsAnna Saccone, and Love Audrey for quite some time now, and gradually felt a growing craving to write my own. I originally was drawn into watching YouTube videos, but soon discovered beauty blogging, a world entirely of its own. I was absolutely an avid reader of Lollipop26 Writes, but she recently took a much needed vacation from blogging.

So what, dear readers, will this blog be about?

It will focus mainly on beauty items, skin care, and hair products, as well as tips and, most importantly, self-esteem and wellness. I'm very excited to start this, knowing I have not a single reader as of yet. I love to write, and I think this will be a wonderful outlet for that.

Will I have any followers? Who knows! That's the beauty of it [no pun intended].

Happy New Year [and new blog]!