Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello Internet!

Welcome Potential Blog Readers! 

I've finally caved in to my desire and decided to start a blog. I've been reading blogs such as Liparazzi, A Model RecommendsAnna Saccone, and Love Audrey for quite some time now, and gradually felt a growing craving to write my own. I originally was drawn into watching YouTube videos, but soon discovered beauty blogging, a world entirely of its own. I was absolutely an avid reader of Lollipop26 Writes, but she recently took a much needed vacation from blogging.

So what, dear readers, will this blog be about?

It will focus mainly on beauty items, skin care, and hair products, as well as tips and, most importantly, self-esteem and wellness. I'm very excited to start this, knowing I have not a single reader as of yet. I love to write, and I think this will be a wonderful outlet for that.

Will I have any followers? Who knows! That's the beauty of it [no pun intended].

Happy New Year [and new blog]!


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