Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Skincare Tips Part 2

Hello dear readers!

This is part 2 of my skincare tips. The sources I used were the same ones mentioned here. Without further ado, here we go once again:
1. Try to avoid exfoliants with giant abrasive beads in them, because they're irritating no matter what skin type you have. If you have drier and/or more sensitive skin, exfoliating once a week is sufficient. If it's normal, combination, or oily and not sensitive you can go 2-3 times per week. Remember though, harsh scrubbing of broken out skin will only cause inflammation and can make the acne worse.
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2.Be diligent. Don't add in five products at a time, because even if it makes your skin look perfect, you have no idea which product is making your skin look so great. Then you have to keep buying all those products and you end up wasting money. Also, if you're impatient you can't really tell if your products are working or not. It can take up to a month for skin to react to a new routine, so the common consensus is to add no more than one product a month.
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3. Avoid alcohol in your facial care products as much as possible, because it's drying and can apparently lead to signs of aging appearing earlier. Sulfates, as I believe I mentioned in my hair care tips, are generally irritating as well, but the one to watch out for the most is sodium lauryl sulfate, as it's the most harmful to the skin.

4. Try to avoid touching your face. This is a given, as you don't want to transfer oils and dirt from your hands to your face. I always wash my hands before washing my face or applying any moisturizer, spot treatment, or makeup.

5. Replace your pillowcase at least once a week. Even if you're skin is clean and your hair free of product every night at bedtime, your natural oils still transfer onto the pillow. [Let's count how many times she says transfer in this post!].
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6. Stay hydrated and try to eat a balanced diet. Doesn't everything always come back to this? And regular exercise? They seem to be the miracle ingredients to a healthy body and beautiful skin. This isn't to say that you will have absolutely perfect skin if you have a healthy lifestyle, but it tends to be a lot clearer and more glowing. Staying hydrated is very important, because you want to hydrate from the inside out.
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7. Food allergies can cause breakouts. Foods such as dairy, especially skim milk, excess sugar, and glutens can cause these. If you think that's the case, try eliminating one of these food groops for a week or so and see if you get results. If your skin clears up, chances are it was due to that food that you broke out in the first place. Check out Paula's Choice Acne page for more information.

8. You can use baking soda as a natural exfoliant and save money this way. Just add a pinch to your favorite cleanser and lather it in your hands before working it into the skin. I honestly can't remember where I learned this tip, but numerous website suggest this. It's my favorite way to exfoliate, and it's great for sensitive skin.
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9.  Sleep! Well rested skin is beautiful skin. I can't really say I follow this one all the time, because copious amounts of homework and general procrastination just don't allow it, but I can say from that dark circles are more prominent with sleep deprivation, and skin looks duller. Your dark circles don't actually darken from sleep deprivation, but merely appear darker because your skin will be paler.
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10.  Don't worry about your skin "getting used to" the regimen you're using. Chances are, if it's working for you, you should keep using it unless you notice a negative change. That isn't to say you can't add in new products as you need them, but there's no need to switch your products every other day, week, or month.
These are all the tips I can think of for now. When in doubt, however, see a dermatologist if you have access to one if you have any serious problems or questions about skin conditions.

Thanks for putting up with my very wordy posts and irregular blogging habits.


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