Sunday, March 20, 2011

100% Guaranteed

Hello everyone!

So it seems that my blogging inspiration comes in quick succession, short bursts, and long paragraphs. I'll make it quick this time. Ok, I'll at least try.

I wanted to let you know what my 100% fail proof, foolproof way to wind down and relax. That, my friends, is my nighttime skincare routine. Yes, I'm quite proud of myself for that. My skin care has become absolutely a religious ritual for me. Whether I'm using my favorite cleanser, dotting on one of my spot treatments, or luxuriating in the bliss of a very pleasant moisturizer, I just can't help but feel great about the fact that I'm doing something beneficial to my skin that will help it look beautiful and, in turn, help me feel beautiful.

I've been getting lots of compliments on my skin lately, and to be honest that has as much to do with my skincare as the makeup I've switched to. I'll describe my current go-to makeup in another post, but I do think it's helping to make my skin look wonderful. That being said, my skin does seem to be clearing up for the most part. My problem area is always my chin due to hormones, but I think it's starting to clear. Right now I'm broken out a bit on my forehead, and I think that's due to poor diet.

Now I know skincare isn't as romantic as saying I like to relax with a bubble bath, candles, and my favorite magazine and not as ambitious as running a marathon, but it works for me. In any case, in order to wrap up what may soon become another ridiculously long post, I just want to say that my nighttime skincare routine seriously helps me relax. Now if only doing great things for the rest of my body calmed me down this much!

To a beautifully relaxed tomorrow!



  1. For me a great way to relax is putting on makeup. When I have plenty of time and not in a rush of course lol. :)

  2. Yes, I can imagine that would be quite relaxing as well! :) I didn't think it would make sense for me to say that, considering I wear so little of it. But when I have time I like to experiment and have fun with it.