Sunday, January 15, 2012

Put on Your Happy Face

Hello, dear readers,

Today was one of those infamous "Blah!" days. You know the kind: You're dressed in sweats, no makeup on, and you're probably doing some work that you don't really want to finish. Maybe you're just lazing around the house with absolutely nothing to do.

I was working on college applications today, and feeling extra blah. Luckily, I had a friend to keep me company through AIM, a form of instant messaging as archaic as the family phone at this point. I was wearing leggings and a huge T-shirt, the kinds of clothing I would never leave the house in, at least not as an outfit. I was feeling particularly unglamorous with extra dark under-eye circles and some nice new breakouts. My hair would just not cooperate, and my wrists and arms were sore from all the typing. In short, I just felt like complaining.

Now that it's nighttime, I decided to make myself feel a little better in the most superficial and gratifying ways of all: makeup. I'm sure you're shocked and surprised, jumping and falling out of your seats as you read this. In all honesty, though, sometimes putting on a little makeup is just the trick. No, Mom, it doesn't mean I think I'm hideous; makeup just makes me feel extra pretty when I need a little boost. 

That's how I went from feeling and looking like this... improving my mood and looking like this:

Drastic change? No. I just put on some concealer, powder, and lipstick, and shoved my hair over my shoulder so it would look half decent for the picture. When I think I look more alive, I feel much more content. It's so satisfying to know that sometimes all it takes is putting on my "face" to actually feel happier.

Does putting on makeup give you a happy face on glum days? I bet you fellow beauty bloggers out there will agree that it does.

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend, and have a great start to the week.


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