Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lay Off The Paint

Hello, dear readers,

In case you haven't read this post, you may not know that I recently downsized my nail polish collection from 84 to somewhere around 50 polishes. Granted, this came from about eleven years of collecting, but a great deal of these polishes were recent acquisitions. With my somewhere-around-50 nail polishes in mind, I bounced on over to a beauty supply store with a friend for, big surprise, discounted high-end nail polish! Once inside, my friend, whose collection is slightly less than half of mine, justifiably scoured the shelves for colors she didn't have. What did I do? I looked for new shades of polish, and suddenly had a revelation: There was not a single shade I liked that I didn't already have!

Sure, my polishes may not have been the same brand, maybe not exactly a perfect match, but when it came down to making a decision, I just couldn't validate a purchase. I also learned that I tend to go through phases with nail polish, sometimes liking only blues; sometimes pinks and reds; and currently aqua, turquoise, and Tiffany blue colors. I realized that I have some manifestation of every one of these colors.

Based on this experience, I made a decision: I'm not buying any more nail polish for a good, long while. And so, dear readers, begins my self-imposed nail polish-buying ban.

Think about it:  Have you ever used up a single polish? Is it really necessary to own 80 nail polishes? Fifty?

Is it really important to have every shade of ballet pink or metallic gold?

The answer, I think we can agree, is no.

But it sure is nice.



  1. I think this is a very good point! I try not to keep my nail polish after I don't use it anymore, and try to use the nail polish I have before buying new!

  2. Excellent! It's good to practice self control sometimes. x