Saturday, July 23, 2011

Up and Coming

Hello, dear readers,

I feel like I haven't posted nearly as much as I planned to this summer, and I do apologize for that. The problem with summer is that in between working an 8:30 to 5:00 job Monday through Friday, and trying to spend time with friends and family, I'm resorting to extreme laziness/attempted relaxation and quality alone time. This, however, does not seem to include blogging, though it really should. I quite enjoy blogging, but am often too tired to actually write anything of any sort of quality.

I started this blog first and foremost as a personal outlet for whatever I happened to want to write about, but I also genuinely enjoy it and truly appreciate those of you who take the time to regularly read it, or just stumble on it by random happenstance. So, in order to make sure that more posts happen in the near future, I'm writing a list. Publicly. For all of you to read.

Here are a few upcoming posts that I promise will occur. I just can't promise how soon:

-Mini review of The Constant Princess, by Philippa Gregory.
-Mini review on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II/Growing up with the series
-Reviews on the ELF Hypershine lipglosses, won in a giveaway by the ever-so-kind and funky Lyuba
-Possibly just other reviews in general, as I come up with ideas. I certainly always have lip products to review, but I'm sure I can think of something.
-Skincare update
-Yet another Would You Rather makeup tag

These posts will most likely not go in order, and it seems surprisingly ambitious a task to complete, but I feel like it's worth it and it provides me with the motivation necessary to get these posts out to you. I love to write anyway, and it thrills me that even a small group of people regularly enjoy my writing. You have no idea how exciting it is that someone wants to read what I have to say. Really. I also realized that "really" and "however" may just be my most used words in this blog. Really. Had to throw that one in.

Look forward to upcoming posts, and I hope the weather's lovely where you are!