Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spellbound: Practical Magic

If you don't know why the title of this post has magical connotations, you either don't live in the U.S. or you've had your head in a toilet for the past ten years.

Indeed, I am referring to the LAST HARRY POTTER FILM. I'm so excited and upset at the same time. This marks the end of an era [please excuse the cliché] for thousands of teens and twenty-somethings that grew up with the books and movies. Granted, I'm still reading the series in Spanish, but the movie journey will be over, and that's devastating as much as it is overwhelmingly fantastic.

Naturally, as a lover of all things beauty, I've become accustomed to painting my nails Harry Potter-themed for each movie. It's been all variations on red and gold, complete with half-and-half red and gold, half-and-half red and gold in a lightning bolt form, red with a gold lightning bold, red with gold glitter. I think you get the picture.

I wanted to go all out for this one, so I actually bought a black and a bronze polish so that I could do a different house on each finger [my brother's idea; he thought he was joking, but little did he know...] and the Hogwarts crest on my thumbs. My friends came over last night and we all painted our nails, though I had done half the work before they came in order to prevent disasters later on.

With some pictures better than the others, here is the result:

For those of you who are completely bonkers and don't know the house colors, it's [L-R] Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Gryffindor. You can see half the house crest on my thumb and half the "H."
My right hand view! A bit harder to see.

I think you can see the "H" most clearly here. It was the only aspect created with a nail brush.

A somewhat failed attempt to capture my Hogwarts-crest inspired thumbnail. 

Left hand!

Right hand!

Call me crazy, but I adore this nail look! If you'd like to know which [nine] polishes I used, let me know and I can do that in a separate post. 

It is now midnight! Exactly 24 hours until I get to see the final installment in the series. Approximately 21.5 hours until I'm standing in line!

Has anyone in the UK seen this film? I'm guessing it came out first there. Then again, don't tell me anything!

UPDATE: According to the lovely Lyuba, this actually comes out in the U.S. first.

Who's seeing this in the U.S. tomorrow?

To magical whimsies and fanciful nails, and, obviously, Harry Potter!



  1. It comes out at midnight today, so depending on where you are in US it will be 5-9 hours earlier? It is 6 hr earlier than in Florida if that helps lol. I can't go see it today because I don't have time to go pick up the tickets, but I will see it this weekend for sure :)

  2. Oh, for some reason I thought it came out earlier in the UK! Thanks for letting me know. :) Thinking about the movie is getting me through the work day today! x