Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lately I've Been Loving...

  • China Glaze For Audrey nail polish. I've just painted my nails this color for the second time within a span of a month. For someone with at least fifty nail polishes, and nail polish A.D.D., that's saying something.
  • Best friends. I feel completely comfortable going around in sweaty gym clothes, a makeup-free face, and bursting out with comments anyone else would find offensive. I can giggle obnoxiously, make up songs, talk about boys...The list goes on and on. There's nothing like the kind of friends with whom you can both be entirely ridiculous and then instantly switch to normal conversation and then talk about serious issues, all done seamlessly.
  • Magazines. Seventeen. Allure. Lucky. Marie Claire. Teen Vogue. Family Circle. Allure. Even Time magazine on occasion. You name it; I probably read it. I even renewed my subscription to Seventeen, despite the fact that I turn 20 this fall, [and will still be getting it at 21], and occasionally can't stand the magazine's silly stories. I'm probably going to subscribe to Allure, but I routinely borrow all of these other magazines from friends and my mother.
  • Me time. In my family, me time is highly underrated. My dad definitely prefers to do things with other people all the time; even watching movies mustn't be done alone. I, however, sometimes like nothing more than to come home from work, eat a family dinner and withdraw for the rest of the evening. I'm just so exhausted that it's nice to have a few hours to myself.
  • My new running shoes and sports bra. I can't be bothered to look up their brands, but I believe the store in which I purchased them is local. I've actually never owned proper exercise gear, and, let me tell you, it's so worth it. I don't actually go running, per se, but I do work out about five times a week for an hour or so, and the new clothing items are much appreciated.
  • My water bottle. I definitely drink more with this sitting at my desk, next to me on the bed, etc. I'm pretty great at staying hydrated when I have a water bottle at hand; it just makes quenching thirst that much simpler.
  • The thought of an impending holiday. My family is going to visit my sister in Iowa this Friday, and we'll be there until Tuesday. The reason I use the term "holiday," besides the fact that I'm intrigued by the UK use of the word in place of the American "vacation," is because Monday is actually July 4, meaning American Independence Day. It will be the first Fourth of July away from my friends since I was a little girl.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of "Lately I've Been Loving... ." I find it quite a refreshing post to write. Focusing on the positive is positively therapeutic.

Lots of love.


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