Friday, June 17, 2011

"All at Once, Everything Looks Different"

Yes, dear readers,

That is a line from the song "I See the Light," which was nominated for an Oscar for the feature film of Tangled. As my best bud would say, "You're a major cinephile."[Read: movie fanatic. I was SO angry that Randy Newman's unmemorable song, the name of which escapes me, won instead.] That is actually a configuration of the line, "Turns out, Michael Bolton is a major cinephile," from The Lonely Island's song "Jack Sparrow."

If you're getting tired of my relentless quoting of movies, songs, and the like, I thoroughly apologize. Please feel free to wipe the quotes from your memory with this eraser I present to you:

"Here I come to save the day!" Oops, another quote, from "Superman" this time!
 Feel free to erase to your heart's content.
Ok, now on to why the quote is even relevant. My skincare routine is about to get a makeover. Yes, that's right. I went to the dermatologist at the ungodly hour of 7 a.m. My previous dermatologist passed away a couple of months ago, quite unfairly and too young. He was wonderful and based all his decisions on scientific knowledge with a strong basis in fact rather than recent studies.

You can probably understand my skepticism when my new dermatologist, a young and very nice lady from New York, started mentioning "the latest studies." I was also skeptical when she suggested an acne face wash. First of all, I am a firm believer in the use of gentle cleansers alongside prescription topical treatments for acne. Secondly, the active ingredients aren't on your skin long enough to remain potent when present in a face wash. Sure, there are people who claim that their acne fighting wash cleared them up, and I'm sure it helped, it wasn't because of the great acne fighting claims. I promise.

The problem with me is that I'm too interested in the science behind the ingredients in skincare products and medications and in cosmetics to be completely trusting of a relatively new dermatologist. For someone who absolutely hates taking classes in science or doing anything in the laboratory or scientific research, I obsess over science when it comes to cosmetics and skincare.

So, in short, I'll be revamping my skincare and posting something new and updated once everything is sorted out.

And for now I bid you, "So long! Farewell! Auf Wiedersehn! Goodbye!" [Sound of Music, anyone?].

I promise you to limit my quotes, at least in the next post. I just got a little movie-happy here!


Image from Quotes from memory and a bit of help from dear, old Google.

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