Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beauty Blunders: Today's Makeup Mishaps

Hello, dear readers,

Ever have a day in which you completely forget how to apply makeup? No? Well, I guess I'm alone on this one. Today was just a personal embarrassment in Attempts at Makeup 101. I'll chalk it up partly to being in a rush, as I had approximately ten minutes before I had to be "in the car ready to go," said Mom.

We were going to see a community choir in order for my mom to decide whether she wanted to join. Long story short, she recently quit two choirs for "political" reasons; and, let's be honest, the first one was terrible and she's much better than that.

Anyway, picture this: I'm standing at my makeup mirror, my anti-acne potions are all dry, and I immediately reach for my Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 and dot it all over my face. BEEP. BEEP. The sirens from the makeup police cars are blaring outside my bedroom window [ignore the fact that this is impossible, being that my windows do not look out onto the street].

What happened to my moisturizer? Forgotten in the rush? It takes me a second to decipher what crime I had just committed and why my skin felt far too dry. I have no choice but to blend in the tinted moisturizer first, dry as it is.

 Oh no! Where's my Olay Complete SPF 30 Moisturizer? Ah ha! There you are. I frantically slather it on my face, dotting it on each area of the T-zone, and a generous amount on each cheek. Not enough! I go for another layer just to add more moisture to my ridiculously dry skin. Ok, that'll have to do for now.

Breathe. Mom's waiting impatiently and I can hear her walking towards my room with the familiar creak that I know signifies, "YOU'RE RUNNING LATE AGAIN! HURRY UP!" Before she has time to say anything, I yell, "One minute! I'm coming!"

Concealer time. Whoooops. I slather way too much Hard Candy Glamouflage under my eyes, forgetting that the slightest amount works miracles. I'm left with a big stripe of peach beneath my undereye circles. Yes, I've used so much that it's under my undereye circles!

Quick! Wipe it off! Mom's getting really impatient. Ok, buffing on some Physician's Formula Powder Palette in Translucent. Done with the face.

 I'd better slick on some chapstick and put lipstick on in the car. No exfoliating means picking off the skin on my lips first. Yuck! Hand sanitizer fixes this and I nearly paint lipstick all over my face as the bumpy road jolts us this way and that.

Phew! Done. I don't think I've ever done such a botched up makeup job. I did discover that putting on a tinted moisturizer first is completely pointless for me, because not only is my skin too dry for this, especially with the Clinique tinted moisturizer, but the zinc in my regular moisturizer cancels out the tint because of its slightly whitening properties.

So that was my day in makeup disasters. Is this just because I didn't wear makeup yesterday? How quickly I forget!

Ever had any makeup blunders this bad due to a rush or just pure forgetfulness?

To avoiding the makeup police next time.


P.S. None of the brands mentioned are paying me to mention them here. I just happen to have bought them, won them in a contest, or received them as a gift, and I use what I like!

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