Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Hello, dear readers,

It's been rather a long while since I last posted. Life got extremely stressful and I had a lot going on in my personal life. "Makeover" seems like an appropriate title for this post because not only am I about to make over my life, but this blog will soon get a makeover. Much as I like the cheery colors and fun design, I also really like the cleaner look of the newer template designs on Blogger.

The only problem is that the "follow" button doesn't yet exist for these new templates. That's a bummer. As for my life, well, it's headed in a much different direction than I ever imagined. I'm withdrawing from the university I'm at, and I'm going home to work on myself for a while. I may go to community college for a semester before transferring to a new university, or I may not even go back to school until next year. In short, I need to get my head on straight and feel more comfortable with who I am before going somewhere new.

It's frightening and exciting at the same time, starting over. Once I get home, I really won't have too many more excuses not to charge my camera! I'd love to post my current nail look and my "Weekly Lips" project. No, that's not an official term as of yet, but, yes, it probably will become one.

So that's my story. Hopefully the new blog designs add a "follow" button soon so I can upgrade the design.

It's just a great time for a makeover.

Happy November!


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