Monday, November 7, 2011

No Way This Could Be a Tag...

The Nail Polish Tag!

Yes, dear readers,

I found this tag on the Fowler sisters' website and absolutely couldn't resist. Free idea for a blog post? Sign me up! This one's very short; I don't think even I could make this too long!

Here we are, my friends:
  1. What’s your favorite nail polish company? Probably OPI and NYC.
  2. Glitter or no glitter? No glitter, generally. Though, ironically, one of my favorites is a glitter top coat.
  3. OPI or china glaze or Essie? OPI
  4. When do you start to take off your nail polish? Depends on the week, my level of boredom, etc. Sometimes I leave them on for over a week, sometimes two weeks, sometimes only a few days. If it's chipping horrendously or gets dents in it, I take it off right away!
  5. What’s your favorite color on your nails? For a while, I just used pinks or reds, but now I also really like Tiffany blue and minty colors. 
  6. Darks or brights? Honestly, it just depends on my mood and the season. I tend to prefer brighter colors, but I also love deep red. Overall, I'd probably say brights.
  7. What are you wearing on your nails right this moment? I literally just took off my nail polish before writing this, but I had painted them black and then over that I painted bronze, red, and gold. Here are some pictures:
Please excuse the weird angles; I was actually doing this for fun and didn't expect to post it on here!

Yes, I did do these by myself. I just did some squiggles starting from the bottom,
and I continued with fall colors. It reminds me of fire. I quite like it!
  8. Matte nails—in or out? Out. I really don't like matte nails.
  9. French manicures? In, but not on me. I think they look really polished, but I prefer to keep my nails short and colorful. No french mani for me!
 10. Favorite fall color? Berry red, bronze, emerald green.

Well, that was really fun! I hope you like my little nail design as well. Please feel free to do this tag; I'd love to read it. Even if I don't officially follow everyone's blog, chances are good that I periodically read it! I just don't want to have a ginormous blog roll. I hope you understand.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend where you are. 

Here's to a good week!


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