Monday, November 21, 2011

Metallic Fashion Shines at AMA 2011

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In honor of my previous awards show fashion posts, I planned to do a "Best of AMA 2011 Fashion" post as soon as I found out when the awards show was airing. Eager to see the gorgeous gowns, I hurried on over to my good friend Google, only to find disappointment. In my opinion, there were very, very, few standout looks at the American Music Awards this year. 

Instead of bypassing the post entirely, I will simply provide commentary on the stars who wore the prevailing trend of the night: metallics. Metallic was all over the red carpet: silver, gold, champagne; cutouts, sparkles; short, long; you name it, you'll probably see it here.
Here we go:
Jennifer Hudson was a standout on the red carpet in a liquid silver Jenny Packham number. If she were a tween or teen star, I'd say this dress was inappropriate, but, quite frankly, that's not the case. She's definitely old enough and has worked hard enough on her body to own this dress. The cut and draping was very flattering on her curves, and I think she rocked it! I also happen to love her makeup and simple accessorizing.
Once again, Taylor Swift sparkles in a sequined gown, this one by Reem Acra. I like the draping in the skirt, and the gold is very flattering on her coloring. My only problem with her look is her choice of hairstyle. With such a slim dress, I would have loved to see her signature curls. It looks like her hair and dress were going to two different events!

Selena Gomez's slithering champagne Giorgio Armani frock confused me the most. At 19, I believe, this dress just seems too grown up. It's very glamorous in an Old Hollywood way, and her hairstyle definitely complements it; I'm just not sure she quite understood that she was wearing such an iconic style. On someone older, it would make more sense. Nevertheless, she pulled it off.

There is a lot of debate on the interwebs over Heidi Klum's choice of a lazer-cut Giles Deacon frock. Umm, is that your underwear peeking through? Personally, I believe that just because you can model underwear, it doesn't mean there isn't a time and a place for it. This was neither the time nor the place. It reminds me of a metallic paper lantern. You know the type? Not a good look. Even the most beautiful people make mistakes.


The big question on my mind: Who designed Julie Bowen's dress? I can't find the answer anywhere! In any case, the sparkle in this striped dress kept it from looking too casual. While it still isn't the most spectacular gown, Bowen's naturally small frame prevented the large stripes from making her look huge. A very good balance of covering up on top while showing a little more leg, I think. I'm not really sure what she was going for with her hair though, because it makes the look more casual. Again, the only thing dressing up the dress is the sparkles!

Sarah Hyland wore a beaded, shimmering, white minidress by Amen. At first I thought this was far too short a dress for a 14-year-old, and then I found out that she's just three days short of turning 21. I guess I'm not the only victim of underestimation when it comes to age; I'm also a perpetrator! Having found out her age, I reevaluated the look, and I actually kind of like it. It's not my favorite dress, but she's appropriately covered up, and her long wavy hairstyle and metallic makeup nicely complemented it. Overall, the whole look was well put-together.

After much researching, I've finally come to the end of my fashion review for this year's 2011 AMA awards. The carpet certainly shimmered and shone, even as it lacked pizzazz and excitement. A few great looks, some just ok, and others really strange that I haven't written about.

Search the net for the rest of the looks!

Did you watch the AMA show, or see any of the fashion? What was your favorite look?


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