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Mini Review: Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

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I haven't done a mini review in ages, so I think it's about time for one now. Yes, I do realize that "mini review" in When Life Hands You Lipstick language is actually "extremely wordy review," but "mini" just sounds friendlier; don't you think?

Anyway, let's see what Clinique says about this product in the product description:

NEW Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer SPF15

Smooth on an instant moisture boost with SPF protection and a hint of skin-perfecting colour. Refreshingly lightweight formula provides a no-makeup look and feel, yet covers imperfections with a natural, hydrating touch. Oil-free.
  • Skin Types: All
  • Formula: Liquid
  • Coverage: Sheer

I've had this product since the end of May, as I mentioned in this post, and the reason I neglected to review it sooner will become clear rather soon. If you have the patience to continue reading, that is.

This moisturizer comes in six shades, so don't be deceived, as I was, when you see that they all look like a neutral light to medium color at the outset. That's just the packaging, so you can't really see the product until you open it up. Your best bet would be to have someone at the Clinique counter help you find your shade, which is what I did. It came as no surprise that she chose the lightest shade, Shade 1, for me.

The color looks frighteningly peachy when swatched on my hand, but blends out well on my face. It definitely is slightly darker than my skin tone, as all tinted moisturizers are, and therefore gives more coverage than expected. I can't speak to all the shades, as I've only tried one, so if you have darker skin you may want to look to another reviewer to get a better idea of your color.

This product is sheerer than a foundation, but gives more coverage than your average tinted moisturizer. It also provides good broad spectrum sunscreen with titanium dioxide, a great physical, mineral sunblock. If you've read any of my previous posts on skincare, you'll know that I prefer this type of sunblock as it lasts longer, expires later, and physically protects skin better than chemical sunscreen. It's also the best type of sunscreen for sensitive skin, so it's safe for everyone.

I find the consistency to be a bit watery, and I don't need much to cover my face adequately because it blends out quite easily with just a small amount. It definitely helps to even skin tone and covers impressively for a tinted moisturizer, but any darker discolorations or blemishes will still need some concealer to completely hide.

I don't find that this feels moisturizing, though I know that other reviewers of this product disagree. It gives me more of a matte finish for some reason, though throughout the day it starts to make my skin look more "glowy," and it's not because my skin is oily.

Overall, I love this product. Correction: I would love this product if I didn't strongly suspect it breaks me out.

I used it only a few times earlier in the summer, and each time I broke out. At first I thought it was because I forgot to wash my face one of those nights, or maybe it was that time of the month, so I gave the product the benefit of the doubt.

Over the past two weeks I decided to get scientific. I used this product every day, and washed it off every night. I now have breakouts on my chin and nose, where I'm most prone to breakouts. I also have a few blemishes on my cheeks, where I never break out, and in between my eyebrows. Lovely. I definitely suspect this product.

[Note: I was too stupid to take a picture of myself during the "experiment," hence the lack of personal photos. I was actually planning on putting some on this time. There's always next review.]

The only reason I can think that this breaks me out is because it contains menthol, a known skin irritant. Menthol can interrupt skin's ability to heal itself, which may aggravate acne. I'm no scientist, but I do like to do my research, and this is the only possible reason I can think of that this product would be breaking me out. If you'd like, you can consult Beautypedia to understand a bit better why menthol isn't a great ingredient. I don't agree with everything on that website, but I do trust the science behind it.

If you don't have sensitive or very dry skin, this is really a great product. Because it contains an irritant, try it at your own discretion. Unfortunately, it happens to break me out, but I'm sure I'll pull it out on special occasions when I want a bit more coverage than my regular tinted moisturizer.

So there you have it: another extraordinarily long mini review. I hope it was informational and helped at least one person, or at least was somewhat interesting to read.

Thanks for stopping by! I do hope you'll come again.

Have a lovely weekend.


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