Sunday, January 9, 2011

Since I Should be Sleeping...

...I naturally decided to look for a survey to fill out. I think they're tons of fun to read, and they give you a bit more knowledge about the person whose blog you're reading, Facebook you're stalking, etc. Before we get to that,  I want to apologize for the weird inconsistencies in font size and color. I'm a bit technologically impaired, so I think it's best to warn you all that it will take me a while to figure out the format.

But on to the survey

I found this "This or That??" survey here.

Here goes:

This or That?? - Beauty Survey

blush or bronzer:
 I'd choose blush, simply because I'm so pale that I think any bronzer would look ridiculously out of place.
lip gloss or lipstick Lipstick. I use formulas with a bit of natural shine/shimmer in them anyway, so it's easy to swipe and go.
eye liner or mascara Mascara
foundation or concealer Concealer
neutral or color eye shadow Neutral
pressed or loose eye shadows Pressed
brushes or spon ges Brushes

OPI or china glaze OPI
Long or short Short, but not ridiculously so
Acrylic or natural Natural
Brights or darks I like both, and I often use bright darks!
Flo wer or no fl ower no flower

perfume or bo dy splash body splash
lotion or bo dy butter body cream, which is probably closer to body butter
bo dy wash or soap body wash
lush or other bath company I've actually never bought from lush. SHOCK! HORROR! So, other bath company.

jeans or sweat pants Jeans, but I've just recently bought sweat pants and they are wonderful for lounging around in my room when I've nowhere to go.
long sleeve of short Short
dresses or skirts Dresses
stripes or plaid I love both. I don't think I can choose. 
flip flops or sandals Sandals, but I really don't wear either. I'm sort of a ballet-flats-year-round type person.
scarves or hats Again, I don't wear either of these but I do love scarves.
studs or dangly earrings Dangly
necklaces or bracelets Necklaces
heels or flats Flats, simply because that's what I live in in the warmer months, and I've yet to buy heels I really like.
cowboy boots or riding boots Riding boots
jacket or hoodie Those serve entirely different purposes to me, so I can't really answer this.
forever 21 or charlotte russe I love both of these, but I think I've had slightly more success at Forever 21.
abercombie or Hollister I don't shop at these stores.
saks 5th or nordstrom Nordstrom

curly or straight Well, personally I like to keep mine natural, so curly. But both are pretty.
bun or ponytail A bun is what I wear most often when my hair's not down.
bobby pins or butterfly clips hahahahaha. If you had asked me this 12 years ago, my answer would have been butterfly clips. As of now, it's bobby pins without a doubt.
hair spray or gel cream gel because it's less crunchy than either but provides light hold
long or short Long
light or dark I prefer my hair dark. I've never colored it.
side sweep bangs or full bangs Side-swept
up or down Since I don't know any fancy or exciting updos, I'll have to go with down.

Rain or shine shine
Summer or winter SUMMER! Is anyone else ready for winter to end? I am!
Fall or spring I do like both of these season, but I'd have to say spring because the weather is generally warmer
Chocolate or vanilla Chocolate for everything except ice cream
East coast or west coast
I've only ever been to the East Coast. I'd rather live on the East Coast, despite the weather though. If I had to move out of the Midwest, that's where I'd go.

So there you have it. If anyone wants to do this tag, and I know it's been on YouTube as well, I'd be thrilled to read it! Have a lovely evening/morning/afternoon wherever you are!