Sunday, April 17, 2011

Faking a Flawless Face

Hello dear readers,

As you know, it's been a while since my last post. Today I thought I'd talk quickly about my essentials for perfecting my complexion. Lately I've been getting lovely compliments on my skin. One told me it looked "glowing," and another said I should never get a tan because my skin is perfect the way it is. Well, I have news for you: my skin is certainly not perfect on its own. I have heavy dark circles from genetics with an added dose of sleep deprivation, redness on and around my nose and in little patches on my cheeks, and a gorgeous case of hormonal acne on my chin. To be honest, without makeup my skin doesn't look as terrible as I'm making it sound, but it looks much more dead and uneven, and a far cry from glowing or perfect.

After cleansing and applying acne spot treatment, I use one of my Olay moisturizers, mentioned here and here. If I have time in the morning, I wait ten minutes or so for it to set in. Otherwise I wait closer to one minute before applying any makeup.

The next step is my CoverGirl tinted moisturizer, reviewed here. I smooth a small amount all over my face, making sure to blend into the jawline. Though it gives only the slightest hint of color, I still don't want to risk a different colored face and neck.

Then I attack discolorations, undereye circles, and acne with Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer, reviewed here. It's the best concealer I've used so far, and I only use the tiniest amount.

The last step for my skin is to even everything out and minimize shine, so I use Physician's Formula 

Powder Palette® Multi-Colored Face Powder in Translucent, the lightest shade they have. I swapped out the powder puff for a brush that came in their green powder palette, which I would not recommend. I'll do a mini review on the powder palettes in an upcoming post. I buff the powder into my skin and down the jawline as well.

This is the only recent picture with decent lighting that I could find of me with this makeup on, as the routine is fairly recent, but you can get something of an idea of what my skin looks like at the end. I think my lipstick faded off in this picture as well, but that's just as well because I don't remember what I was wearing that day!

Insert crazy picture here: 

It's not, perhaps, the best picture to demonstrate because of the shadows, and I'll probably be uploading a different picture when I get the chance, but it gives you an idea. 

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Have a beautiful day.


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