Saturday, June 29, 2013

Springing for Influenster

Hello, dear readers,

In my previous post, I mentioned that I had received a bunch of free products through a program called Influenster. For whatever reason, the boxes of paraphernalia are called VoxBoxes. This particular box was the Spring Fever VoxBox, aptly named because it was sent about a month ago. I would try explaining the program, but I would fail, so instead I'm linking you to the website itself. And here's this handy-dandy icon from Influenster, disclosing that everything was sent free. You can sign up for an invite to the program no matter who you are; it's not some exclusive club.
In any case, I'm going to show you photographs and short descriptions of the items I found in the VoxBox. I promise they'll be short, because I will be doing separate posts on a couple of the products. Here are all the contents at once:
Pretty exciting, huh? I thought so. 

The first thing I saw when I opened up the package was chocolate. If you're looking for a healthy snack, this wouldn't be it, but it is a delicious treat. As you may be able to read on the package, it says that it's a "marshmallow flavored creme filled cake." I believe some people received the peanut butter flavor, but I was quite satisfied with this. Do I plan to run out and buy more? No. If I'm ever offered one, however, it would be bad form to refuse. ;)

Um, hello there. If you hadn't noticed, the title of my blog is called "When Life Hands You Lipstick," but you can bet that when life handed me this NYC New York Color Applelicious Glossy lip balm, I was beyond thrilled. This is not an exaggeration. Mine is called Big Apple Red, which is appropriate for multiple reasons. In person, it shows up redder than in these photographs, but the photos give a fairly decent depiction of the product. Even when I go out with no face makeup on, I must [repeat: must] have some color on my lips. With my fair skin, dark hair, and not the most pigmented lips, I'm convinced I look dead without it. What's more, it's become my "look" over the years. Tinted balms are perfect for on-the-go and a no-brainer for summer. 

Next came my second love, a nail product. I've already tried these out, and I will be doing a review on them. This is the imPRESS Press-On Manicure from Broadway Nails. The pattern I have is called Over the Moon. The design really is beautiful on, and, to my delight, the nails didn't look fake. I did have to cut them quite a bit, but more on that to come.

This next product is Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS+ Gelastic. It's marketed as an "ultra strong flex gel" that gives you a short time window in which to style your hair before it's set for the day. Some people received a product called Dust It, a mattifying powder, and others discovered Rough Rubber, a texturizing paste. Considering I have no use for mattifying powder and no desire for texturizing paste, I think I got off with the best of the bunch. That's not to say that I love this. They're not kidding when they say this lasts all day. I barely had time to play with my hair before it was stuck in place. I think I'll post a review on this as well.

This is Secret Outlast Clear Gel, an antiperspirant/deodorant that claims to leave no white marks on clothes. I'm very pleased to say that it lives up to the marketing hype. I used to have a huge problem with white marks on my clothes, even when I used gel deodorants. I've used other versions of Secret in the past, but I never had any luck with it. Currently, I use an extremely inexpensive antiperspirant/deodorant from Avon, and I'm happy enough with it. It's the only thing prior to this Secret Outlast that hasn't left white marks on my shirts. 

Alas, we have reached the end. Not a bad haul from a box full of surprises. As I've said repeatedly [and you're probably ready to close this window by now], I will be doing a couple of separate reviews on individual products. Even if I'd hated everything, I couldn't have complained because it's all complimentary. I only have to complete a mandatory product survey in exchange for the goods.

I'm getting excited for a July 4th trip to see some of my best friends, but for now I'm relishing the weekend. 

Hope you're loving it, too.


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