Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hey There, Summer! Didn't See You Coming!

Hello, dear readers,

Where, oh where, have I been this time? I know; I know. The mystery of the incredible disappearing blogger is becoming less of a mystery the more often I neglect this blog. Am I planning on quitting? Absolutely not. Am I organized at the moment [have I been or throughout the past few months]? Absolutely not.

Hence, a complete lack of posts. Soon I'll have more update posts than anything else, and I'll have to wonder what sort of category this blog fits under. Once again, I shall attempt to give you a rundown of significant events that have occurred since last I wrote.

I finished my junior year of college in early May was extremely relieved to go home, free from essays and pages upon pages of reading assignments. [Note to self: Never, under any circumstances, wait until the morning a 15-20 page paper is due to write said paper. It was not pleasant.] However, as soon as I arrived home, I had to start thinking about what I would do this summer.

I say start, because my original plan of study abroad was derailed by a not-so-helpful Director of Off Campus Studies. Just my luck, she retired shortly after causing me a great deal of stress. Ok, so now I needed something else to do, and as soon as possible. I began searching for internships, and I was once again given misleading information. 

Checking every available source for someone who might possibly need me, I stumbled upon an ad from last September, and I now intern for a woman who is co-authoring and self-publishing a book. Instead of getting paid for the internship, the school charges for it so I can get a credit. Communications majors need internships to graduate, so I get to do homework as well! That's besides editing another book for a very small, local publishing company.

And now for the information that allows me to sprinkle in photographs. Might as well give you something to look at in between the blocks of text. I attended my best friend's sorority formal as her "date," which was quite fun despite the fact that I barely knew anyone there. Everyone I met was welcoming. Since Beth has been on this blog before, I can show you a picture:
My sister came in at the end of May for her bridal shower, which was lovely. It was organized by my aunts, and my cousin and I, as bridesmaids, helped record presents and handle the gifts. My mom played unofficial photographer. I'm inserting a picture of my sister and I, and you'll notice I'm wearing the same dress [different belt]. It's a good dress. I give my mom credit for finding it at Target. She has remarkable luck with getting me clothing that fits, and that I like, but only when I'm not with her. I'll leave my sister's name out, in case she'd rather it not be on here. If I find out it's ok, maybe I'll update this. Updating my update post. How ironic would that be? Here we are:
Many of my friends are out of state this summer or don't live conveniently close to me, so I haven't had much in the way of a social life, but what I have had has been great. July should be a blast, because I'll be visiting friends from home who are staying in Wisconsin for the summer. In the meantime, I was extraordinarily excited to get to see The Lonely Island in a live question and answer session for free. I shan't go into detail, because the people with whom I went most likely don't want me putting information out. The performed their song "Diaper Money" at the end. It was weird but wonderful to see that.

In any case, it was great fun to see Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone being interviewed by Seth Meyers before he had to leave for his own live show. Ironically, we ended up walking past the theater he was performing in later that night. Here's a picture of The Lonely Island and Seth Meyers:
I also received this fun box of goodies from Influenster, a website you can sign up for and take surveys in order to get products and other such paraphernalia to test and review:
I must write a separate post on all that, especially since you can't see any of the contents in this particular photo. I know we all get excited about cardboard boxes.

To sum up, I left behind a great deal of stress when I came home for the summer, and I'm now working a part time internship and a freelance internship. Most importantly, I think, is the fact that I am trying to enjoy valuable time with friends and family and to squeeze as many happy fun times out of this summer  as is humanly possible. And, yes, I did indeed say "happy fun times" in a non-ironic way. I also want to make to stay active.

This summer needs to take it easy on the flying and float by instead, so I, and all of you, my dear readers, can savor it.

Hope everyone has been doing well.

Happy Summer!


P.S. I've also become addicted to Doctor Who, the recent seasons. I can't say I'm a fanatic, but I am quite adept at clicking "Next Episode" on Netflix. It's pretty entertaining.

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