Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars Fashion 2012 Best

Hello, dear readers,

Last year I made a post of my favorite Oscars fashion, and that seemed to be a hit, so I thought I'd make one for this year. Honestly, I wasn't that excited by many of the dresses, but there were still a few standouts that looked great on the actresses who wore them.

Here are my favorites:

First-time nominee and Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner Octavia Spencer dazzled in this Tadashi Shoji gown. Apparently Spencer always collaborates with Shoji, and so far the results have been amazing. The silver detail and pleats are strategically placed, enhancing her curves and drawing attention to her waist. A perfect first Oscar frock for a very deserving actress! I loved The Help, by the way.

Is it just me, or is Penelope Cruz always the most beautiful woman on the red carpet? The only dresses I remember her wearing to events have all been spectacular. This grayish blue Giorgio Armani frock is a cross between Old Hollywood glam and Disney princess chic. In fact, it would have been a perfect addition to Anne Hathaway's wardrobe as Princess Mia in The Princess Diaries. It's very floaty and regal, and the accessories make the whole look very elegant. Another fashion hit for Ms. Cruz.

Milla Jovovich looked lovely in Ellie Saab Couture. At first I found the bigger shoulder and the embellishments sort of off-putting, but the more I look at it, the more I understand why it's topping so many best-dressed lists. It's a stylish shape, and the details give the dress a touch of whimsy. Jovovich's look oozed with the elegance of an old silver screen siren, pairing the dress with red lips, retro waves, and tasteful accessories.
While at first I was not thrilled by Natalie Portman's choice of polka dots [at the Oscars? Really?], I've actually come to really like the look. The dress is 1954 Christian Dior Haute Couture, and it flatters her figure very well. Last year's Best Actress Oscar winner accessorized richly with Harry Winston jewelry and a sleek, black clutch. She looked quite graceful indeed. I guess I can get over the polka dots!

After looking at over 80 Oscars fashion pictures, and watching the Oscars and pre-Oscar show as well, these ended up being my only real favorites. There were definitely other nice designer gowns, but none that were really breathtaking. I remember looking forward to the fashion of the Oscars every year since I was little, and I feel that in the past couple of years it's dulled a bit. I doubt it has to do with the recession; we all know they're wearing millions of dollars worth of clothes and accessories. 

There were certainly a lot of misses, though. These included Melissa McCarthy's pink Grecian-style dress, that had so much fabric that it made her look bigger than she is. Plus size fashion does not have to look like that. It just made me feel uncomfortable to see her in such an unflattering state. Jessica Chastain was totally overwhelmed by Alexander Wang's crazy gold butterfly design. Besides the fact that I didn't like the design, she's way too young, small, and bubbly to be wearing something that looks so old and overly ornate. And just once, I would like to see Meryl Streep wear a dress that looks as good on her as all of the roles she plays, not drowning in some drapery that looks just like that: old drapery. Gwyneth Paltrow's cape kind of made her look like she was going to a costume party.

So, there you have it: my five cents on the Oscars fashion front. Maybe I should have posted on the worst! Or not. That would have taken too long!

Did you watch the Oscars? What dresses were your favorites?


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