Friday, December 16, 2011

The Incredible Vanishing Blogger


Hello, dear readers,

It's been just about forever in the blogging world since I've last spoken to you. It's only fair to let you know that there has been, and will continue to be, a lot going on in my life that has been preventing me from blogging. Hence, my frequent absences have nothing to do with a lack of interest in writing!

In the meantime, I'm enjoying seeing some very good movies and getting the scoop on the Screen Actors Guild nominations, the winners of which tend to predict the outcome of the Oscars. It's funny because over the past year, my friends have started to call me a "major cinephile," which is true, but I think it's because I never actually talked about how much I get into movies and the Oscars until recently.

As a child, I always read the movie reviews as soon as I opened the newspaper, and I always looked forward to the special movie sections. I loved watching old movies at home almost every week with my family, and eagerly awaited the Oscar nominations at the end of every year. Watching the Oscars on TV always was, and still is for the most part, a family event. I guess I just never talked about it that much!

Coming up, I will have my favorites of pop culture from 2011. I know I often tell you all about the posts I plan to write, and I publish them on here months after I mention the ideas; in fact, I bet you're probably still waiting for some of them. This one, however, is planned out; the names of everything I want to share are typed up in a neat little list. All I have to do is actually write about them. This will include favorite movies, TV shows, books, music, and websites.

In November, I also caved in and created a Tumblr, thinking it would last perhaps a week. I'm still posting. If you're interested in seeing photos, posters, and stills from movies I like, as well as makeup photos, cute sayings, and whimsical pictures, feel free to browse. It's called Dizzy Daydreams. It's easier for me to look for pictures and post them than it is to come up with ideas and write posts at the moment, so that's one way you can see what I've been up to.

In any case, I hope you're all enjoying preparing for the holidays.

Happy December!


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